Product liability insurance for Amazon sellers


Are you obliged by Amazon to buy a mandatory liability insurance policy? We have a specialized Insurance solution from the international market LLOYD’S of London. Our Insurance covers costs induced by design defects, manufacturing defects, compliance issues, or other types of problems that might lead to injuries or losses for consumers.



Are you selling on Amazon?

Sellers with a revenue of USD 10,000 in any month are required to obtain a commercial liability insurance

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Why choose us?

  • The limits of coverage are $1 million per occurrence, and we cover liability caused by or occurring in the course of your business activities, including products, products and completed operations, and bodily injury.
  • Quality assured by Lloyd’s of London. This is a specialized Product liability insurance for Amazon product sellers.
  • Rated A+ (a condition imposed by Amazon).
  • Amazon is covered by the same policy as required by Amazon (“ Services LLC and its affiliates and assignees” as additional insured).
  • Worldwide cover is provided (including the US and Canada).
  • You will get Quote in 48 hours due to short and understandable questionnaires. Our professional broker team will guide you through the process in no time.

Mandatory but useful!

  • Your finance will be safe. The cost of a product liability insurance policy is definitely cheaper than the compensation obligations that might arise by bodily injury or financial loss to the customers, let alone the relevant legal costs.
  • Your business will be safe. Amazon could remove your products or suspend your seller account, if you can’t prove to have obtained the required insurance policy.

Clients trust us

  • We offer the best conditions on the market
  • It’s easy to buy insurance (simple online application form)
  • We have experience and qualifications.
  • The Colemont team consists of ex-salesmen who understand the client’s challenges.
  • We professionally and very promptly regulate the amount of damage in favor of the client.

Is it mandatory for me?

  • US: businesses wishing to sell their products on Amazon in the US are required to purchase product liability insurance if they earn upwards of US$10,000 each month through selling their products.
  • EU: businesses need to obtain a public third party liability insurance, which should include products liability and bodily injury if their turnover is ~ EUR 5000 over a certain threshold for 3 consecutive months.
  • UK and the Channel Islands businesses need to obtain a public third party liability insurance, which should include products liability and bodily injury if their turnover exceeds the threshold of GBP 4,000 for 3 consecutive months.
  • AU businesses need to obtain a product liability insurance if their turnover exceeds the threshold of AUD 10,000 for 3 consecutive months.

Colemont advice

  • Assess whether you, as an Amazon seller, have the burden of concluding this mandatory insurance contract.
  • Product liability insurance does not give you a free permission to sell products that fail to meet safety, certification, labeling, and testing requirements.

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Who must buy this insurance?

According to Amazon Seller Central, starting from September 2021, sellers with a gross sales revenue of USD 10,000 in any month are required to obtain commercial liability insurance with limits of at least USD 1 million. The liability insurance policy must also name Amazon as an additional insured party.


What could happen if i don’t buy Product liability insurance for Amazon sellers?

Amazon may ask for payment for the expenses incurred in handling claims if a seller doesn’t have commercial liability insurance. In addition, until the seller purchases a commercial liability insurance policy, Amazon may limit the sellers’ sales activity or even deactivate their accounts.


How much does it cost?

The expected yearly revenue of the sellers, the products they offer, and a number of other factors affect how much their Amazon liability insurance plans will cost. General liability insurance policies that cover up to EUR 1 million cost, on average, between EUR 500 and EUR 1,000 annually.


Are there different types of liability insurance?

Amazon US and AU sites require sellers to obtain commercial general liability insurance, while EU and UK sites, sellers have the responsibility to purchase public third-party liability insurance in connection with each Amazon Site. Sellers have the option of purchasing excess liability, umbrella, or commercial general insurance.