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Professional Sportsmen Insurance

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What financial guarantees does the professional sportsman have in case of career-ending injury or the injury has to be treated for half of the year?  Who experiences major financial loss if the player gets injured – the club/federation or the player? Professional Sportsmen Insurance helps to handle these issues. In this case within the period of trauma the salary to the professional sportsman would be paid by the insurance. Depending upon circumstances the insurance can be obtained both by sportsman and the club or federation.  Insurance premium depends upon sportsman‘s age, sport, health condition, contract.

  • Claim examples

    • Well known basketball player suffered a severe shoulder injury due to which could not play basketball for about 6 months.
    • Amount of loss made a five-digit number.
    • Due to injured 4 players temporarily left football team during one week.
    • It took 2 to 6 months to treat the injuries. The club received the insurance benefit from insurance company. The budget money for the salaries of players with injuries were intended to attract the new players to the club.



    • Colemont experts have the outstanding experience in professional sportsmen insurance and are considered to be the best in the Professional Sportsmen Insurance field in the Baltics.
    • 5 annual salaries-size benefit  in case of a career-ending injury.
    • More attractive contracts to sportsmen, because in case of a serious injury not short-term but long-term financial security is guaranteed.
    • The clubs would have available money to buy an equivalent player, who could replace the injured one.
    • Highest financial guarantees to the player (salary) in case of injury, because coverage is guaranteed by Lloyd‘s of London (A + rating insurer)
    • Exclusive insurance terms to sportsmen. Nobody else in the market can offer such.
    • Experience and knowledge in handling significant claims and payouts.