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Director‘s & Officer‘s Liability

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Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance is intended for persons occupying managerial positions and who are vulnerable due to unforeseen claims related to their everyday actions – leadership.

  • Claim examples


    • Director has been indicted by suggesting that the company while conferring loans, provided the financial assistance prohibited by the Companies Law of the Republic of Lithuania.
    • Company Director has been charged with undertaking company-unfavorable economic transactions.
    • Director has been brought a claim on the inadequate performance and control of contracts.
    • State Authority fined Director for the late submission of the report.
    • A competing company has brought a claim on Director on the information appearing in a public space, which is false (slander).




    • Insurance covers all former, current and future employees holding company managing positions.
    • Insurers compensate legal representation costs incurred by Director due to the claim brought against him.
    • Insurers reimburse the amounts charged by the court, which, in the absence of insurance should be covered by the Director himself from his personal funds.
    • Insurers reimburse the legal costs,  when the inspection is carried out in the company by the Governmental Institution and Director is involved in the process.
    • Insurers reimburse fines and penalties that the Director has been imposed.
    • Insurance coverage provided for Directors of subsidiaries.
    • Directors are provided with insurance coverage for six years, if a person left the job during the policy period.