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Cyber Risk Insurance

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Cyber Risk insurance is the world's fastest-growing type of insurance. It provides financial protection for companies relying on information systems. During cyber attacks, the company may incur losses due to business interruption and data theft.

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  • Claim examples


    • Information systems of internet selling enterprise have suffered a cyber attack, which stopped activity of the company.
    • The company hired lawyers and public relations specialists to resolve the crisis.
    • They had to hire a company that has defined the scale of systems infringement and examined what data was stolen.
    • Since some part of the credit card data was stolen, the company had to buy a service for the cards turnover observation.
    • The company sent newsletters to all customers affected by the attack and received numerous calls, which made it necessary to hire call center services.
    • Company employee opened an infected file and the virus (RansomWare) accessed company‘s systems encrypting most of the company’s financial data.
    • The company had to pay a cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) ransom to hackers in order hackers would provide data decryption key.




    • Lloyd‘s of London insurers are the most competent professionals of this insurance type.
    • In the event of cyber attacks, insurers professionals help to manage and investigate the incident.
    • Large limits of indemnity available.